Group Personal Pension Schemes

Provide peace of mind for your employees with a flexible, affordable and tax-efficient personal pension scheme. As well as helping to ensure a comfortable lifestyle when they reach pension age, our schemes can offer benefits which show you care about your employees.

Group Personal Pensions (GPPs) are a type of defined-contribution pension which some employers offer to their workers and can be used to satisfy employer duties under the automatic enrolment legislation. As with other types of defined-contribution scheme, members in a GPP build up a personal pension pot, which they then convert into an income at retirement.

Why it’s important to choose the right Group Personal Pension Scheme:

  • Achieve seamless communication with your HR or finance team
    Our team will ensure that the pension scheme is up to date with your business’ current strategy. Our specialist advisors are able to create a custom scheme that suits the size, age and income of your workforce.
  • Maintain communication and involvement with your employees
    A reliable pension scheme should communicate effectively with your employees, providing them with the information they need to make decisions on cashing out when they reach their retirement. This desirable employee benefit plays an important role in maintaining employee job satisfaction and loyalty to your company.
  • Stay ahead of Pensions Regulator requirements
Choosing the correct scheme will ensure that your business avoids fines and keeps on top of the frequently changing requirements set by the government.

We would be happy to review your present arrangements.