Group Private Medical Care

As fantastic as our NHS is, there is no doubt that it is currently under strain and therefore has long waiting lists that prevent employees from getting back to work as soon as possible. Having a happy, healthy workforce that is fit and well is undeniably essential to a productive organisation. One of the best ways an employer can show that they care about the well-being of their employees is by providing them with private medical care.

Group private medical plans are a sought-after employee benefit that is designed to provide immediate support, diagnostics and treatment for a large range of medical conditions. You can choose what types of treatment you want to be covered, the practice in which the treatment takes place and the level of excess you would like to pay towards the medical costs.

Benefits of private medical care for employers include:

  • Improved staff retention and loyalty 
Private health care can provide a fantastic safety net for the well-being of your staff. In turn, employees will see you, their employer, in a positive light, which can boost morale and improve company culture.
  • Appointments that work around the business 
You can avoid NHS waiting times by finding a time and a place that suits your business and its current workload.
  • Reduction in the cost of short-term sickness 
Having a fit and healthy workforce will reduce the amount of lost productivity that comes as a result of unpredictable appointments and health concerns.
  • Attraction of valuable employees through desirable benefits 
Medical care improves the image and attractiveness of your organisation to potential employees and clients. With more and more firms offering the benefit, it’s important that you’re able to compete.

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