How we charge

Clear fees to suit your needs

Transparency is something we pride ourselves on, and we always want to be completely upfront with our clients. Financial planners don’t have to publish their fees on their websites; however, we have chosen to be completely transparent about how we charge for the work we do.

We disclose our fees on our website to help you understand the total costs and accurately judge the value of our service before getting in touch.

We split our fees into two stages: initial charges and ongoing charges. Below, you will see the costs for each and what you can expect to pay. Our actual charges and fees will be agreed with you before we do any work, and we will explain your payment options too. We will also let you know if any fees are subject to VAT.

Initial charges

Below are the upfront costs of our services and what is included. We offer several types of initial service, depending on your needs.

The initial charges include:

  • An initial meeting to find out more about you
  • Agreeing your financial goals and objectives
  • Establishing your attitude to risk
  • Reviewing your current arrangements
  • Undertaking research to identify appropriate products
  • Providing a personalised report and recommendations
  • A face-to-face meeting to discuss our recommendations
  • Implementation of agreed recommendations.

We operate a tiered charging basis as follows:

Investable assets Initial charge
Below £100,000 2%
£100,000 – £500,000 1%
Above £500,000 0.5%

The minimum initial fee is £500, and the maximum is £15,000.

If, after we have completed a suitability report for you, you choose not to proceed with our advice, we will charge a report fee, which could be subject to VAT.

As an example

If you had £200,000 to invest, the initial fee would be £3,000 (£100,000 x 2% + £100,000 x 1%).

If you had £600,000 to invest, the initial fee would be £6,500 (£100,000 x 2% + £400,000 x 1% + £100,000 x 0.5%).

Ongoing charges

Once your plan is in place, we will agree on a process for regular reviews with you. As part of this, we will continue to monitor your plan and commit to a lifelong service. We encourage all clients to take advantage of this, so we can review the performance of your plan and reassess your personal circumstances, to ensure we are optimising opportunities.

For pensions and investment advice, we charge as follows for our ongoing service:

Financial Planning

You will receive:

  • An annual review meeting to obtain up-to-date information on your objectives, risk level, and circumstances
  • A follow-up letter
  • Annual valuation
  • Re-assessment of suitability of pensions and/or investments
  • Ongoing monitoring of underlying investments
  • Access to us throughout the year so we can answer any queries.

The ongoing charge is

0.75% of funds under advice per year, subject to a minimum of £500. For example, if you invested £200,000, our charge would be £1,500 per year.

Workplace pensions

For workplace pensions, our charges fall into the following categories:

Initial charges:

These are the upfront costs of our services.

Ongoing charges:

Once the workplace pension is set up, it is important to keep it under review so that it remains appropriate, and every three years, re-declaration is required.

Service description


Tier 1 – start-up and micro-employers

Initial charge: £500 to set up a scheme, or £110 where there is an exemption/minimal duties.

Ongoing charge: £110 every three years for re-declaration. Where Page Kirk LLP is not operating payroll and there is another provider, the ongoing charge is £135 every three years for re-declaration.

Tier 2 – established companies with more employees

Initial charge: £750

Ongoing charge: £350 per year, minimum. Dependent on the complexity and level of work involved in the annual servicing. An estimate will be provided in advance.

Words from our clients

With increasing age, financial decisions can become more taxing! My husband and I were relieved to have expert advice from Fabian and Page Kirk Financial Services regarding our investments, and we have always appreciated their attention.

Mr and Mrs B, Nottingham

As a small media company director, I needed excellent pension advice to safeguard my future. Fabian actively listens to my thoughts and guides me to ensure my investments are made strategically and reflect market shifts and my needs.

Sarah, Nottingham

We’ve worked with Page Kirk Financial Services since 1985. My wife started working as a barrister and required their specialist knowledge. During this period, I’ve been an employee, a self-employed consultant, and a business owner. Thanks to a lot of recovery and consolidation, our pensions are in a much better position than they would’ve been.

David, West Bridgford

We have been retired for four years, and we are still benefiting from the financial plan that has been put in place by the team. Our annual review ensures our investments are best placed to continue supporting us.

Steve and Penny, Nottingham

I’ve relied on Sue to take care of my finances as a business owner for more than 15 years. She has been very supportive, and her expert advice on pension planning has been invaluable. I would recommend Sue and the team to anyone looking for financial expertise and advice.

Jos and Bev, Nottingham

We’ve been using Page Kirk Financial Services both personally and for the business for more than 25 years. They guided us through the purchase of business premises, and the ongoing planning for our eventual retirement has given us peace of mind that our goals can be achieved.

Mr and Mrs Slack, Nottingham

I turned to Page Kirk Financial Services when my mum entered a care home and we had to sell her property. We wanted to ensure that the funds from the sale were in safe hands. They ensured that the investments selected were appropriate and professionally managed them.

Jane Weightman, Matlock

Sue has been instrumental in our company’s automatic enrolment of our employees. She advised the best-suited pension company that was the most cost-effective and tailored to both our company’s and employees’ needs.

Adrian and Rachael, Nottingham

We trust Sue completely to represent us in the setting up of our company pension scheme and life cover in a truly professional and efficient manner. Putting our trust in Sue has greatly benefited the company and ensures things are dealt with correctly.

Jacqui, Nottinghamshire