I'm a business owner

Enjoy the fruits of your labour

Life as a business owner has no pause button. You’re responsible for your team, the running of the business and your own needs. It’s a lot to deal with, but you wouldn’t change it for the world.

In the grand scheme of things, nothing is wrong, however, you’ve not paid much attention to your personal finances and only now are you starting to think about retirement.

It’s about time you spoke to a financial planner about what retirement could look like and how you will get there.

Where we come in

  • Help with your pensions and retirement plans
  • Create a plan that will guide you through retirement
  • Arrange your finances in the most tax-efficient way
  • Help you effectively extract profits from your business
  • Offer advice regarding life insurance policies.

How we tackle your challenges

Provide a financial plan

We will give you something to work towards while being on hand to guide you through the normal cycle of investment markets. Even once your plan has been implemented, we will track progress up to and beyond retirement.

Decipher your pensions

You may have several different pensions from previous employment, so we will help you consolidate those into one and start to increase contributions to boost your retirement savings.

Effective tax planning

We’ll review your personal and business finances and identify any opportunities to minimise the amount of tax you pay. We will ensure you make full use of the allowances, reliefs and schemes available to you.

Protect what matters most

Business and life insurance are key to any financial plan. We will advise you on the best policies for your specific circumstances and review any policies you already have in place to ensure you and your assets are protected.

Words from our clients

I was so busy running a business that I was neglecting my own finances. Page Kirk Financial Services helped me in a professional yet friendly and caring manner. They listened and talked me through my options.

Tom W, Lincoln

I’ve relied on Sue to take care of my finances as a business owner for more than 15 years. She has been very supportive, and her expert advice on pension planning has been invaluable. I would recommend Sue and the team to anyone looking for financial expertise and advice.

Jos and Bev, Nottingham

We’ve been using Page Kirk Financial Services both personally and for the business for more than 25 years. They guided us through the purchase of business premises, and the ongoing planning for our eventual retirement has given us peace of mind that our goals can be achieved.

Mr and Mrs Slack, Nottingham