I’m approaching retirement

No journey is the same

Time is your friend when you plan early for retirement. We are all likely to make thousands of big decisions in our lives, but choosing when to retire and the steps you will take to get there are among the biggest. The earlier you can prepare, the better.

It’s all new to you, so, understandably, you might have questions about how to draw down your pension or whether you’ll have enough money to last throughout retirement. You may not even be sure when you can afford to retire.

Now is the time to get your questions answered.

Where we come in

  • Provide clarity on your current financial position
  • Get your finances aligned with your retirement objectives
  • Determine when you can afford to retire
  • Consider the impact of Inheritance Tax on your estate
  • Provide an ongoing relationship throughout retirement.

How we tackle your challenges

Save for retirement

Whether you are ten years or a couple of years away from retirement, we will step in and help organise your pensions and wider retirement plans. Once a plan is in place, we can adjust it to ensure your finances align with your goals.

Ensure your money lasts

The steps you take now will impact your future more than you realise. By using cashflow planning, we will visualise how your retirement will look and how long your money will last, alongside your desired lifestyle.

Build a pension plan

We will establish the best way for you to tax-efficiently take your pension when the time comes, based on your goals and desired lifestyle. You will head into retirement with the confidence that your money is working for you.

Passing on wealth

It may not be at the forefront of your mind right now, but we’ll think ahead about estate planning and how to reduce Inheritance Tax liabilities. We’ll get your entire family involved, so everyone feels confident about their future.

Words from our clients

With increasing age, financial decisions can become more taxing! My husband and I were relieved to have expert advice from Fabian and Page Kirk Financial Services regarding our investments, and we have always appreciated their attention.

Mr and Mrs B, Nottingham

We have been retired for four years, and we are still benefiting from the financial plan that has been put in place by the team. Our annual review ensures our investments are best placed to continue supporting us.

Steve and Penny, Nottingham