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Page Kirk Financial Services is evolving

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new website and updated branding, which reflects the improved experience we intend to offer to our clients, in line with our vision and values. Fabian Taylor, Partner & Chartered Financial Planner at Page Kirk Financial Services discusses the reasons behind the development.

Hello and welcome to the first blog on the new website for Page Kirk Financial Services!

As we’ve grown, we felt that our website no longer reflected our brand and values. As a result, we’ve designed a new site to provide clarity and consistency as our business and brand continues to grow and innovate.

The new website has taken on a different look to the previous one with our team now taking centre stage on the site. We are proud of our team and as a service-led organisation, we wanted a more personal look to reflect this. The team has posed for hundreds of photos to get the required shots and I think we can say it has been worth it!

In a rapidly evolving financial landscape, embracing change is essential. Over the past couple of years, we’ve adopted new technologies to enhance the service we provide to clients. With this ongoing development in a traditional sector, it was only fitting to create a new website that aligns with our fresh identity and vision for the future.

Our clients are at the heart of our business so, as part of this transformative process we contacted them to obtain valuable feedback, to enhance our service. The feedback was remarkable and a testament to all the hard work of our team. This feedback can be seen in the testimonials and Google reviews throughout the new site.

We are proud of our connection with Page Kirk Chartered Accountants. There is a lot of cross over between the work of a financial planner and an accountant, so this really strengthens our offering. It also creates a collaborative approach to managing clients’ financial affairs, ensuring seamless coordination between their accounting and financial planning strategies, providing a comprehensive plan.

We are also proud of our independent status. As independent financial planners, we are in control of the way we run our firm, and we aren’t tied to any providers. Put simply, we will offer products from the whole of the market. This allows us to find solutions and make recommendations based on clients’ unique goals.

The website development project provided us with an opportunity to delve into our identity and values. Consequently, our team has identified four core values that we feel are crucial in delivering our leading service for clients:

  • Professional

Whether a new or long-standing client, we believe everyone deserves exceptional service levels and advice. We work collaboratively within our team and with professional connections to ensure our work is completed to the highest standard.

  • Honest

We are completely transparent with our service. We will give our professional opinion, even if it might be difficult to hear. All charges will be disclosed before we proceed with any work, so you know exactly what the work will cost and there are no hidden surprises.

  • Proactive

We want to be on the front foot, so as part of our ongoing service, we will come to you with ideas and thoughts in an ever-changing environment of legislation and taxation changes. We are on the end of the phone or in the room when you need us.

  • Quality

We only work with clients where we believe we can add value. We have access to a leading firm of chartered accountants, Page Kirk, to supplement the advice we provide and add value to other aspects of your life. This high-quality service is what sets us apart.

What’s next:

This month, we are thrilled to launch our newsletter, featuring a mix of insightful blogs on financial planning and unique lifestyle articles. Our aim is to keep you engaged, informed, and entertained.

If you would like to sign up, you can do so below.

We hope you enjoy the new website and we would welcome any feedback.

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